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"Etiam capillus unus habet umbram" - Publilius Syrus 

The eye to detail is in the beholder. I'm always exploring new techniques of graphical expression. Developing skillful assets by carefully studying styles and industry standards. My talents will offer a creative flare to any client. The above latin quote speaks volumes, "even a single hair has a shadow."

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Xpressive Designs

Show off in style, professionally and creatively!

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Xceptional Performance

24/7 On Call & Online! Last minute updates and quick file transfers for your convenience.

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Xciting Results

Amaze everyone with your final product! Whether that be a simple business card or a whole creative campaign.

What do you need today?

Your sign, product, company logo, poster, or advertisment can go on any of these! Coming soon... Tshirt laminations, small sticker cuts, and window tinting! Contact today to know more!

signage 1

Framed, A-Frame, Stationary Signs

Stick-on Vinyl Sticker on 18x24 Coroplast 1 or 2 sided Custom sized stationary signs on customer request. Framed size can vary. High reflective vinyl available - Lawn signs can have 2 different messages! Lamination upon customers request.

project 2

Outdoor Mesh Banners

Custom size up to 50 inch height x 150 feet long! Pary banners, Sport banners, Map banner or custom print on fabric. Heavy duty material long lasting outdoors through all seasons!

project 3

Plexiglass signs & Mirror Displays

Custom made to size. Thickness of glass depends on price point. Mirror displays for weddings and baby showers! Custom Hand built Infinity Mirros available too! Rare glass mirrors that give the illusion of an infinate portal.

project 4

Car Decals & Indoor vinyl applications

Large2small high quality vinyl prints. Wall stickers, car stickers, boat decal & #'s, Trailer - Van - Truck logo/advertisements, any thing you can think of we can work together to get the perfect design! Long lasting - Lamination upon customers request.

project 5

Posters, Flyers, Menus, & Business Cards

Designed to custom size. Show some flare next project! Lamination upon customers request.

signage 6

Digital Designs & 3D Animations

Have an idea you want to come to life? Want something done in 3d? like your logo spinning for a unused monitor or t.v? Maybe an interactive menu or just some video touch up? Let us know what you need and we can work with you and your budget!

  • signage 1

    Framed, A-Frame, Stationary Signs


  • signage 2

    Flags and Banners


  • signage 3

    Mirror and Glass Work


  • signage 4

    Vehicle Decals


  • signage 5

    And ALL else!


  • signage 6

    3D Graphics and Animation


Past work and Works in Progress

This is the spot to see my talents, past work, and future projects will land here also. Self taught in almost every program used to date. This includes but is not limited to: Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Premiere Pro, Cinema 4D & more.

Who is MxT?

Simply put MxT is Tom. Ancient Phoenician for Mother Time. All designs take time, patience, effort, & a keen eye for detail.

team 1

Tomasz B.

GFX Designer

Most time is spent learning, expanding, and evolving my knowledge in graphic design & animations.

About Tomasz B.

Canadian born & raised, freshly baked right out of the oven. Grew up painting dinosaurs & creating amazing lego buildings. Now almost 20 years later new talents replace the old & profits are to be made. Curious and eager to learn new technological advancements gearing towards graphic design, animation, game development, & videography.

I took 2 years of Advertising, expecting a more creative curve of teaching. But most of my programs are self taught. Using online tutorials, trial and error, simply learning and remembering helped become better. People usually spend time playing sports or video games, I spend most of my time brainstorming ideas and creating new designs, logos, and 3D objects.
My favourate and most complex theories/concepts to grasp relate to light, reflections, refractions & points of view.
Sometimes the only way to think outside the box is to step, live outside of it.

Current PC Specs:

Windows 10 Pro 64 Bit

Intel Core i7 CPU 960 @ 3.20Ghz (8 CPUs), -3.2GHz stable

12 GB Ram @ 1333Mhz

Dx Version. 11.3


NVIDIA 3D Vision Glasses

2x 24'' HD Monitors

Wacom Bamboo Tablet



No time to waste. Lets get to work!

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What Did The Client Say?

Here are some testemonies of past customers & volunteer works. Many of my clients return to me with their new ideas & projects.

"Its been a great experience working with Tomasz. Working with him was easy, too update my website took only 1 email! If I ever neeeded my template changed, he always amazed me with his talents! I will definately be calling back for more work!"

client 1 Dominique.B Loyal Client

Getting MxTDesign to help with 3d renders works really fast, and always focused at the task. We pulled it off in the last few days!

client 2 Nick.P Loyal Client

"Hey man, I just tried v3.2 ingame and it looks really great. The orange fireball and dark grey smoke not only look great in the game, but are also very realistic according to real explosion photos from google. And the sparks dont look like fireworks anymore and they look great inside the new fireball.

I honestly cant think of any way to further improve this mod. So I guess there wont be any more feedback from me as I'm perfectly happy with this version. Thanks for all the work you did. Looking forward to more awesome stuff from you" :)

client 3 John Doe Product User

"If you do good work for good clients, it leads to other good work for other good clients. If you do bad work for bad clients, it will lead to other bad work for other bad clients." - Michael Bierut

"It's through mistakes that you actually can grow. You have to get bad in order to get good." - Paula Scher

Programs Used

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