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Welcome! MxTDesign is your local graphics designer. Serving Hamilton Ontario Canada and Worldwide online since 2001.
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Our Slogan - Master the execution.

Be the Master and execute every project or job with the best of our ability to be creative and competitive.


MxT known by many as Tom or Tomasz, was always creative and curious, at a young age on the Pentium 4 - Windows 95-98 drawing pixel by pixel on MS Paint. Then one All-Nighter LAN Party I discovered Adobe Photoshop, while taking a break from playing Call of Duty 2 on my Core 2 Duo upgraded PC. I WAS HOOKED!
I started off by freelancing graphics online back in the day, using Photoshop and Cinema 4D. Always trying to keep up with the trends and new technological advancements. Graduating the 2 Year Advertising course at Sheridan Collage, and not being satisfied. I took my work online, learning from tutorials and putting them to use freelancing on the side while working as a Security Guard in Toronto. Then as the portfolio and programs knowledge expanded I transitioned all focus on local services when moving back to Hamilton where I am contracted out to this day.
Hamilton has been growing for a long time and we all have seen the expansions of our communities around the downtown and Hamilton Mountain. Many new businesses and artists have evolved here thanks to the wonderful people that support local businesses. Thank you!
We hope to continue with making this a beautiful and clean place! Besides all the potholes on the roads, Hamilton has been an amazing place to grow! With lots of practice in the Adobe Suite programs and many other new plugins, vectoring and digitizing designs for production.

MxTDesign has had the privilege to service many around town, including but not limited too:

Thanks to the many that have entrusted MxtDesign Graphic Design Services for their business, and all the locals that voted for Our Work. We are all honored you support small local businesses. Its a privilege to show the Awards our Services have provided over time. We will continue to bring fresh new designs and industry leading technology to Ontario Canada for the coming years!

MxTDesign focuses on many aspects in the graphics designs field. Please check out the services tab to see all the value we can add to your projects, business, design concepts, and artistic ideas. If you would like to use MxTDesigns Services, please see the Contact Tab.
I look forward to hearing from you!

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Volunteer Work

Being born in Canada and raised by 2 Polish first generation parents. I have always held both Canadian and Polish cultures, traditions, and values. My childhood in Hamilton has encouraged and supported in the contribution back into the community around me. My Mom has been a big inspiration for me to think more about others, she volunteers by teaching Polish to children from 5-18years and even has been the Principal of the Polish School. My Dad has been a big inspiration for me to have ambition and take initiative, he's always using time wisely, helping others in need and thinking on his feet. Both my parents have been a huge support and that gives me opportunities to give back.

Please see the School Website John Paul II Polish School Hamilton

We help by offering our Graphic Design Services for the yearly Christmas Carols by the Kids called Jaselka -pronounced. Ja-se-que-ka - poster designs, and videography / photography , logo creation. We also have a large Polish Community up North, where the first settlement came for Poland. These days there are many beautiful cottages and lakes people love to camp! We have helped by creating a brand new website for the Polish Community while preserving the history. Please visit the new 2023 - Polish Heritage Institute Kaszuby

Our Services:

Graphic Design Services

We offer many different design services, full image rendering, logo designs, branding and marketing strategies. Bring your visions to life, offering high quality JPEGS, JPEG to vector conversions, digitizing, and any other format for large scale print and production.

Knowledge in

  • Adobe Illustrator for Vectorizing
  • Adobe Photoshop for Photo Manipulation
  • Adobe Lightroom for Photographs
  • Adobe Dreamweaver for website coding
  • Adobe Premiere for Videos
  • Cinema 4d for 3d Models and Animations
  • Brother PE Design for Digitizing
  • Onyx Rip for Print and Production
and many other PC programs. We can also quickly learn new programs/apps to help fulfill you need. The future requires new technology advancements, new hardware and new software. We try to keep both up to date and ready for production.


Website Design

Talking code is hard to some but we offer basic HTML 5 and CSS3 code for online websites from customers that want to show their portfolio to a full out online restaurant! The world has become more online and showing your talents and having your own website is key to connecting with all your customers and clients worldwide. We offer creative design solutions to your website ideas. We offer hosting and domain name setup with GoDaddy. Yearly charges apply.


Logos / Branding / Business Designs

MxT strives to bring your ideas to life. This means being production ready. Knowing where, how and how long you require the product is key to being able to provide you with the right product. I have knowledge in large format printing, print bleeds, adding cutting markers using Onyx Rip for HP 360-365 and Canon Printers. Producing decals, labels, large signage, advertising, and vehicle designs. Using many types of vinyl from custom vector designs, creating Heat Transfer Vinyl’s for T-shirts to Digitizing Logos and Design for Embroidery. Also knowledge in taking those applications to the laser machine and CNC machines.


Signage / Store Fronts / Led Neon Signs

Creating branding for your business is important, it brings relatable imagery for your customers to remember and become loyal to you. This requires the customer to have a repetitive brand recognition using High Quality logo and strong readable lettering. We offer the very best when it comes to showing your store, we offer signage, window designs and wraps, Posters, Banners, Pop-up Banners, Stickers, Frosting, LED SIGN and NEON LED SIGNS.


Lawn Sign Rentals

Local Birthday Lawn Sign Rentals with Custom Names. Congratulations Lawn Sign Rentals.
We offer free local installation around the Hamilton Area!

Car Wraps / Car Upholstery / Custom Accessories

Don’t loose sight, keep your eyes on the prize. And that your business being recognized around town. Your vehicle can bring a lot of attention to your company. Easily promote your contact information or be seen with a crazy design and be talked about for months. Vehicle wraps bring a ton of potential for free advertising. Using only the highest quality vinyl for up to 5 years of Manufacture Warranty from some Manufactures offered. We can also Decal your Boats, Cars, Trucks, Vans, 18 Wheelers, RV's, ATV's, Snowmobiles, and even Kayaks!


Wood Working / Scuplting / Wooden Signs

Taking your eyes off the screen for a second, time flies by when woodworking in the garage. Keeping the shop clean while creating some beautiful sculptures, wooden signs, cottage signs and more. Knowledge in using a 150W Co2 Laser Machining for engraving, or CNC for sign production. I also offer hand made designs using a Dremel, a Merlin2, many bits, carving tools and sand paper.


3D Printing / 3D Models /3D Printed Designs

Using the newest technology in the 3D printing space, we use the high quality PETG material. Useful for both indoor and outdoor signage, this material is also Food grade safe, child safe, and aquarium safe.


Photography / Videography

Testing the limits of photography and videography in this day in age is required. Taking everything online requires high quality up to date hardware and software, bringing quality to the fore front to help improve their vision.

Programs and Hardware:


Pricing Vary per Project. Due to size, quantity and complexity. Please contact for a more accurate quote. Pricing below are approximations/minimum order pricing.
Service Description Price
GRAPHIC DESIGN SERVICES Logo Designs, Graphics conversions, Photo manipulations, Image enhancements, Vectoring and Digitizing.
Events and promotional: Flyers, Postcards, Labels, Catalogs, Flags and Banners

Locates / Permits / City Application
Visit Locations - take photos and measurements.
Quote according to customer requests, and of possibilities.
Starts at $50/h
WEB DESIGN SERVICES Website Designs and Creations, Yearly Hosting, Domain name and Hosting setups, Ecommerce, Custom Website Coding. Domain Names Vary in Price. Web design Start at $500 per page - Yearly Hosting is $125 and Custom Email Available $500.00
CUSTOM NFC PROGRAMMABLE BUSINESS CARDS New Programmable Business Cards Just tap others with your NFC card share all your info, and never be forgotten in someone elses pocket ever again! $10.00
CAR WRAPS AND GRAPHICS High Quality Avery Dennison Vinyl
Vehicle grade Magnets Too!
Starts at $150 per side for decals
$1000 for half wraps
$1500+ for full wraps
We also offer perforated, frosted and chrome vinyl’s!
DECALS AND STICKERS Custom Decals, Indoor and Outdoor, Cut-outs
Reflective Vinyl available!
Minimum order $50 for 50" x 12" of substrate - $75 for weatherproof laminated.
NEON LED SIGNS Custom Led Neon Signs for your living space, business signage, wedding last names
5 - 7 days production.
We also offer Programmable Signage with WIFI/Bluetooth compatibility!
Starts at $350 for 48" x 12"
TV MENUS - DIGITAL INDOOR MENUS Custom TV Menus for your bar, restaurant, cafe, or shop.
Hang up your TV and check if the USB can show photos or videos
Starts at $100 per screen
We also offer Touch Screen Menus for Rental Contact for more information
WOODEN SIGNS Vintage looking signage, Cottage signs, Way finding signs, Wooden Sculptures and more! Starts at $120 $120.00
HEAT PRESS 12x12 inch heat press can handle T-shirts, Sweaters, Sports Jerseys and more.
Starts at $15 per piece, you provide the shirts you know what fits best!
Embroidery 6"x6" or 9"x6" Available for $25 per piece and a $40 Digitizing one time fee per design.
EMBROIDERY Custom Digitizing, Sewing of Armbands, Belts, and other Apparel,
Embroider logo onto Clothing and Hats.
Starts at $30 per piece
CUSTOM CAR PILLOWS Custom Car Accessories, Car Pillows, Leather Upholstery.
Pillows Start at $60 for 2 - Other work Vary Please Contact.
LASER AND CNC MACHINING Laser engravings, Acrylic Etching and Cutting, Acrylic Design cut-outs and CNC etching.
Starts at $200
3D PRINTING Custom 3D models, 3D printing of prototypes, toys, designs and concepts.
Starts at $30 per piece 5"x5".
LAWN SIGN RENTALS Happy Birthday Sign Rentals, Congratulation Sign Rentals, Custom Names and Accesiories, Celebrate any occassion!
Starts at $50 for 1-2 day rental in the Hamilton Area.
PHOTOGRAPHY / VIDEOGRAPHY Testing the limits of photography and videography in this day in age is required. Taking everything online requires high quality up to date hardware and software, bringing quality to the fore front to help improve their vision. Projects Vary in Pricing Please Contact. Minimum order $50 for 10 photos + editing. $50.00


Please email mxtdesign33@gmail.com and I will email you back as soon as I can! For alternate contact methods, please use the links provided
or fill out the Form below.



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Name Description Price
Item One Ante turpis integer aliquet porttitor. 29.99
Item Two Vis ac commodo adipiscing arcu aliquet. 19.99
Item Three Morbi faucibus arcu accumsan lorem. 29.99
Item Four Vitae integer tempus condimentum. 19.99
Item Five Ante turpis integer aliquet porttitor. 29.99


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