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TrueNorth - Strong and Free

My 1998 Slk230 Mod

2018 - 2022

Vehicle Graphic Design

Vehicle Wraps are a great way to stand out. Change the whole car, truck, van, trailer onto a moving advertising billboard.

Vehicle Wraps

Pimp your ride, protect the paint for the next 5 - 7 years and be unique!

Stickers, Decals, Signs

When the final result is just right, it deserves to be on our website.

Neon L.E.D Custom Signs

Glass is old, LEDS last longer! Get your custom sign for any indoor occassion.

Wooden Signs

Enough of that monitor, lets work. Hand Carved or CNC or Laser Etching Available


Tshirts, Sweaters, Custom Sewing, and Upholstery

Vehicle Neck Pillows

Custom Neck Pillows for your car, truck or van. Weatherproof leather only!

Heat Press Apperal

Bring your own shirts or appearal get it heatpressed with your designs!

Helmet Vinyl Wraps

Hamilton Proud.

3d Printing - 3d Modeling

Prototyping, toys, custom designed 3d models, Plastic accessories.

Lawn Sign Rentals

Our lawn sign renal branded as KINGKONGLAWN. Rental for any occassion!

Custom Rims Project 2020

Restoration Project of the old slk rims.

3D Models

Old Designs serves as history now. New designs would come in animation form.


My old mods for gta 5 - troubleshooting and testing my mods and coding the game was lots of fun.